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 #27005  by AndrijaGames14
 05 Feb 2016 16:46
1) Nick:AndrijaGames14
2) Nume real:Andrija
3) Varsta:15
4) Experienta bukkit/minecraft:more than 3 years
5) Primele opt cifre din codul numeric personal:I don't know what it means
5) De cat timp joci pe server?:2 years
6) De ce vrei acest grad?:In some moments server dont have Admins (on survival), players can insult each other and advertise other servers or YT channel, I wish I could do to stop it.
7) Respecti regulamentul?:Yes!
 #27006  by Pinguinu'
 05 Feb 2016 19:11
:pro: Este destul de Activ si chiar cred ca merita acest grad, mai ales ca playerii chiar se injura si spameaza chat-ul cand nu este nici un Admin ON, multi se plang din acest motiv.
 #27009  by ShadowWolf
 05 Feb 2016 22:51
Activ este, cunostinte pare sa aiba, de injurat nu injura. O singura nelamurire am, este roman ? Daca da, de la mine are un pro. Daca nu, sunt doar curios cum o sa inteleaga injuraturile. Reclama da, o sa o poata depista, dar daca cineva foloseste un cuvant vulgar, cum o sa isi dea seama de asta, si cum o sa sanctioneze ?

AndrijaGames14, from my point of view, you would have a pro from me. I just want to ask you, how are you going to identify the players that use a "nasty" (forgot the right word, sorry) language ? And what about people that don't speak english, what are you going to do with them ?There are little kids on the server , let's say 8-9 years old.They don't speak a perfetct english, some don't speak english at all. I'm waiting for your answer, and if your idea is good, i will give you a pro. :D

Btw, this is assuming AndrijaGames14 is not romanian. If he is, and i just made a very stupid mistake, my fault.
 #27010  by AndrijaGames14
 05 Feb 2016 23:10
You're right, I do not know very well Romanian, but it supplied with enough insight to know who to mute.

Thank you for reply :)
 #27011  by ShadowWolf
 05 Feb 2016 23:19
In that case, from me you have a :pro: . Have a good night/day/whatever the time is in your country :D
 #27101  by SebyHas
 09 Feb 2016 01:24
Este un admin serios,, m-am gandit mult la cererea asta si la faptul ca nu intelege limba romana atat de bine, dar a invatat ceva cuvinte in romana, ce e drept nu tocmai alea bune, dar avem nevoie si de staff din alte tari, pentru playerii veniti din tarile lor sau vorbitori de limba engleza si pentru a demonstra ca si staff-ul strain poate fi acceptat, poate fi introdus in sistem si poate respecta un regulament pe un server roman.