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Linux on Gaming Desktop

PostPosted:03 Nov 2017 08:57
by Shawnturner

I need a high performance computer with Linux install for a project. As I'm not an expert, I thought that a good way to go is to buy a gaming desktop ready out of the box and install linux (Lubuntu) on it.

I was thinking on the Alienware Aurora gaming Desktop.
However I have seen in some forums people that have problems installing linux on alienwares. I wonder if anybody can advice on what is the way to go or possible alternatives.

Re: Linux on Gaming Desktop

PostPosted:04 Nov 2017 11:51
by Bogdanel
I suggest a custom build, just tell me your buget and I'l make some builds for you

Re: Linux on Gaming Desktop

PostPosted:03 Dec 2017 14:52
by qTech
if I do not mislead the new computers, there is a new setting thiat differentiates the installation of Linux and Windows. I do not know how to explain more clearly. that UEFI and legacy boot ... and there would still be problems with boot security I think it must be disabled
here most problems arise