#30497  by Shawnturner
 03 Nov 2017 09:02

I recently moved, wich means my computer had to take a ride aswell. When i booted it up at the new place the computer wouldnt recognice the gpu, not even in the bios. I went and got a new gtx 1060 and thought that the problem was that the problem were the old gpu. Got home, mounted the new gpu but nothing. Bios still wouldnt recognice it, tried everything for hours until eventually giving up and went to bed. The next morning i woke up and thought i'd try to boot it up again, then it worked! But i get terrible frames in every game (much worse than my old gtx760...) and i cannot for the love of god figure out why.. I have tried everything there aswell.

So my question is; was it my motherboard that was the problem all the time? I'm not that good that i know what all these codes mean, that's why i'm writing this post.
 #30500  by Bogdanel
 04 Nov 2017 11:57
First thing to do when a computer does not work clean it. Try cleaning the PCI Express Slot very carefully without damaging the motherboard or the slot itself. And I have a question it might sound stupid but are you sure you have installed your graphics card in the X16 PCI Express Slot ? And not in a X1 ? Or a X4 ? Or whatever ?